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About EWL

Entertainment Week Lagos is a revolutionary gathering, ecosystem and platform that brings the entertainment world to the city of Lagos, to collaborate, network, ideate, showcase and exchange knowledge & resources.


The goal is to transform and fuel sustainable socio-economic development for Africa through entertainment. We intend to harvest and harness this energy to create a catalyst for real, sustainable change within the entertainment sector and beyond.

EWL is designed to connect with a broad spectrum of global participants, partners and audiences. Our goal is to engage our Target Audience on a physical and virtual level by taking advantage of technology and our shared global experience.

EWL Events

  • EWL Brunch & Exclusive Parties
  • Workshops
  • Film Hub
  • The Circle
  • Deal Room
  • Live Cafe
  • Exhibition 
  • Showcases
  • EWL @ night
  • Gen Z Republik
  • Livespot X Festival
  • Food court
  • Labspot

Africa is the new frontier and we are being deliberate with creating what will become the NEW WAVE”

~ Deola Art Alade – CEO Livespot360 / Founder EWL


Livespot is a 360º creative solutions company, of the digital era; unified by a passion for developing disruptive ideas. We turn consumers into fans through human-centered, storified experiences, engagement, and entertainment.