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Speakers & Educators

Denola Grey

Fashion Influencer (Moderator)

Yanmo Omorogbe

Co-founder & COO, Bamboo 

Eze Ezegozie

VP, Strategy & Market Development - Africa & Diaspora, EMPIRE

Mowalola Ogunlesi

Fashion Designer

Dimma Umeh

Youtuber & Lifestyle Influencer 

Anthony Azekwoh

Artist, Author, Curator

Joey Akan

Music Journalist (Moderator)

Bankulli Osha

Founder, Bankulli Entertainment


Dancer & Entrepreneur

Warren Bexley

Television Executive, Live Technical Director, Content Creator & Producer (Educator)

Bugwu Aneto-Okeke

Founder & CEO, M.A.D. Solutions

Godwin Tom

Managing Director, Sony Music Publishing, Nigeria

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