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Overview of ewl

The Circle

This is a true knowledge exchange community consisting of keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and think tanks. Here, the brightest minds meet to share and develop ideas that will shape the future of the entertainment industry.

  • Keynotes
  • Panel Discussions
  • Think Tanks
  • Fireside Chats


EWL aims to provide our community with the skills, knowledge and practical experience needed to be successful in the present-day entertainment workforce. Here, participants get to learn from educators and mentors who facilitate through the following formats.

  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses

EWL Brunch & xclusive Parties

Our exclusive parties celebrate excellence and the coming together of people who are vital in building what is fast becoming the most vibrant entertainment industry in the world.

Film Hub

This is the perfect place to celebrate the art of film and TV, featuring:

  • Sneak peeks of upcoming movies and shows
  • Screening of short films
  • Exclusive premieres of brand-new movies and shows

Deal Room

Nigeria’s first-ever entertainment deal room is the perfect ecosystem for entertainment professionals, content creators and brands to pitch, negotiate and sell.

Live Cafe

The Pop-Up Cafe at EWL is like no other. With themed live events and attractions every day, guests get to find a space where they can grab coffee or drinks as they experience a wide variety of flash performances throughout the week!


The Exhibition is a hub of creativity and will run for four days. It will feature an Exhibition of brands across the Entertainment space, NFT Gallery, and a marketplace focused on Tech, Fashion, Art, Music, and Content.


The discovery of new talent is one of the critical objectives of EWL, where talented musicians, dancers, actors, comedians, artists, and fashion designers will take centre stage for an opportunity to showcase themselves.

EWL @ night

For four nights at EWL, great music and heart-lifting comedy will take centre stage. In addition, these nights will allow attendees to network and have fun in the process of doing so.

Gen Z Republik

A pop culture multi-sensory immersive experience area where the youthful can connect, mix, create content, and be entertained. Beyond being able to experience a vibrant space, our audience gets to engage with digital content.

Livespot X Festival

The Livespot X Festival is a convergence of everything X-traordinary, X-citing and X-clusive that celebrates urban pop culture. This year, we are bringing you three days of music and performances like never before across multiple genres.

Food court

Our Food Court is a multi-cultural culinary experience area set up as a boulevard with festival food and beverage stands, making it the perfect place for our attendees to mix and mingle while they stay refreshed throughout the week’s events.