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Livespot CEO advocates for overhaul of Nigeria’s entertainment industry model ahead of EWL 2023

Amidst a growing trend of artists canceling concerts, both locally and internationally, leading to
widespread criticism and social media discussions, Mrs. Deola Art Alade, the Convener of
Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL) and CEO of Livespot360, is calling for fundamental reforms
in Nigerias entertainment industry model.

With EWL gearing up for its second edition, Art Alade highlighted the necessity for a major
reconsideration of how concerts and large festivals are being managed and the pressing need
to address these critical issues by empowering the next generation of entertainment

Weighing in on the growing trend of artists canceling concerts and the resulting impact on
concert-goers, music lovers, and industry stakeholders she said “This is one of the societal
issues we will be addressing at EWL 2023. We need to empower the next generation of
entertainment professionals. The current approach to concerts in Nigeria is not sustainable, and
we need a fundamental shift in the business model. Whether artists adjust their rates or
increase their fees, we can only get a lasting solution when we re-evaluate how these concerts
are approached.”

Speaking about the upcoming EWL 2023, the Livespot CEO underscored its role as a platform
to allow youths to unwind and have fun after a year of highs and lows. The event aims to offer
more than just entertainment, providing an opportunity for learning, networking, gaining new
ideas, and showcasing skills and products.

“People get excited about special concerts and music festivals as the year draws to a close.
EWL isn’t only offering a chance to forget worries and celebrate; we are also providing an
opportunity to learn, upskill, gain knowledge, showcase talents, and get empowered” she

EWL 2023 is poised to be an immersive experience, focusing on elevation, education, and
entertainment. Attendees can anticipate engaging with industry leaders, participating in thought
leadership sessions, and gaining insights from top-notch speakers, educators, and A-list artists.

The event will also serve as a platform to bridge the skills gap and empower the next generation
of tech enthusiasts, rising entertainment stars, artists, change-makers, and thought leaders. The
event is scheduled to take place from December 13th to 20th in Lagos.

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