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Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL), an initiative by Livespot360, is gearing up for its second edition, focusing on fostering growth and excellence in Nigeria’s dynamic entertainment and creative industries.

The event aims to nurture and upskill talents, build capacity for the entertainment workforce, and advocate for policies empowering the creative community.

Launched in 2022, EWL was introduced to equip the Nigerian ecosystem with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary for success in today’s entertainment sector. 

The week-long festival offers attendees the chance to learn from educators and mentors through masterclasses and workshops, featuring key players from the global entertainment industry delivering enlightening keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and think tanks at The Circle.

Entertainment Week Lagos features immersive experiences such as The Circle, uniting minds in the local and global entertainment industry; The Deal Room, an entertainment hub for talent showcase and resource exchange; and an Exhibition providing a platform for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, creators, fashion designers, and artists to display their talents. 

Mrs. Deola Art Alade, co-founder/CEO of Livespot360 and the convener of EWL, buttressed the festival’s goal to explore and showcase talents, giving individuals a chance to voice and develop their skills. 

Speaking further, she highlighted the importance of facilitating local and global exchange in the entertainment industry and showcasing African creativity through captivating experiences and exhibitions.

“Last year, Entertainment Week Lagos hosted notable celebrities and personalities in the entertainment industry. This year promises an even bigger, game-changing experience as we focus heavily on nurturing talents, upskilling, and building capacity for the entertainment workforce, advocating for policies that empower our creative community,” the CEO added. 

In 2022, EWL featured prominent figures across various sectors, including Managing Editor of Tech Cabal Yanmo Omorogbe, Co-founder & COO of Bamboo Harmony Samuels, Record Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, and Songwriter, among many others.

Scheduled for December 13th to 20th, 2023, EWL is set to be a platform propelling growth and improvement in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

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