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The New Wave – Music & Tech: A shift from the status quo to …

Modern music is created in large part by innovative music technology, but the same technologies have also levelled the playing field between large and small record labels by enabling direct fan interaction through social media, digital distribution platforms, and advanced home recording software.

The New Wave – What will Entertainment wear in the future?

In today’s world, fashion is a way of life. It gives an identity to the wearer, it creates a healthy and competitive environment that inspires the next generation of fashion designers, and it is an opportunity to amalgamate different cultures and traditions into one’s dress. In the entertainment industry, fashion creates amazing characters that provide you a real-time cinematic experience with every step. Now introduce web3, where your fashion can now be authenticated on the blockchain, traced on the supply chain for sustainability, and give rise to independent designers across the globe. How will fashion be consumed in the future? Join our panelists as they discuss how technology is the new color of fashion. 

The New Wave – African Entertainment, The New Currency

After years of African artists edging closer to the center of Western pop music — and the music industry’s gradual realization that the continent is fertile ground for its business, African culture has integrated itself onto the global stage through music, film, fashion and art. Join us in an interdisciplinary panel where we discuss how afro culture has always been the sauce to forming nations and now changing the way we see and perceive African influence across all entertainment sectors. 

The New Wave: How Blockchain, NFTs and the Metaverse Can Change the Entertainment Landscape

To advance media and entertainment, companies are looking to use blockchain, NFTs and metaverse to create experiences that engage consumers and challenge the structural foundations of the world wide web. What is success in this new digital world? The key to success will be combining technologies that drive innovation and advance business models. Join us to learn how media and entertainment companies should think about how to use augmented reality, virtual reality and NFTs to create new experiences and build new digital products. 

The New Wave – The Power of Our Culture

The true social fabric of traditional customs and ceremonies, art, music, and oral literature—through which identities are formed—is held together by Africa’s rich history and culture. A community awareness of the opportunities presented by the potential of African cultural resources can significantly boost pride and confidence in homegrown goods while also spurring ingenuity and creativity. Join this powerful discussion on how Africa’s rich history and culture holds together the authentic social fabric through which our global identity is built.