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About Masterclasses

Day 2

Tue 13th dec


Africans on the continent and in the diaspora have been arguably the biggest contributors to the popular music of any group, but often lack ownership of their work or the infrastructure used to produce and distribute. Music management has transitioned from a “record company” model to a “business of music” model, where monetization comes more from branding and partnerships in addition to the music. Web 3 tech can empower an artist to collaborate equitably, publish freely, and can even set up a live performance that can only be accessed by NFT holders, for instance. This allows for less corporate bureaucracy, and more control over their work.

This masterclass will develop your awareness of the music industry, exploring key areas such as record companies, music publishing, live performance, and artist management. You will analyze how the industry has evolved and the trends and study the process of the industry today.


It’s no secret, touring is challenging. The landscape has shifted drastically. 

The advent of XR and Web 3 technology is happening in tandem, which can affect the touring circuit. Whether a hologram of an artist is sent around on tour with a live band because of legal issues or even death or it could look like Travis Scott performing as an avatar in Fortnite in real-time. The space is young and will grow based on needs within the global economy.  

Learn how to tour and build an audience while coming back home profitable.


The entertainment industry is full of exciting opportunities, but it also has many legal complexities to consider. Intellectual property, contracts, and tax law are just some of the topics that participants will learn about in this masterclass. By gaining a better understanding of the practical foundations of the legalities of entertainment, participants can be better prepared for what lies ahead in their careers.


The most important people in the music industry are the behind-the-scenes masters of success: the managers. These talented individuals have been instrumental in creating the biggest stars and bringing them to further stardom.  

In this masterclass, we’ll be joined by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts who will share their insights into what it takes to be a great talent manager. You’ll learn everything from how to identify top talent to how best to negotiate on behalf of your clients. 

Day 3

Wed 14th dec


The marriage between visual narrative and written word is at the heart of every comic book. In these pages, you’ll not only find words to guide your audience, but powerful images that also communicate the story in an engaging way. Whether you’re new to creating comics or want to hone your skills further, this masterclass will give you the fundamentals you need. 


Celebrity endorsement has become a staple in the world of branding. Companies will pay big money to get celebrities to promote their products, hoping that consumers will be more likely to buy them based on that person’s recommendation. But why do these endorsements work so well? And what makes for a successful partnership between a brand and celebrity or public figure?  

In this masterclass, we’ll explore the complexities of brand partnerships and endorsements. We’ll look at some examples of successful partnerships between brands and celebs, as well as some cases where things didn’t go so well. 


The growing importance of online identity and the explosive growth of virtual economies offer massive opportunities for brands and consumers.  

The Creator Economy is the perfect use case for Web 3 technology and the move to a project-based economy that embraces entrepreneurs. The decentralized nature of Web 3 tech can even remove the option of discrimination, as creators can be pseudonymous. A creator can have a marketplace established that is connected to their digital wallet. They can also keep track of assets from their marketplace since every transaction is recorded on a blockchain which is a public ledger. The possibilities are endless. 

This masterclass explores the nuances of the new economy consisting of content and experiences for people, with competitive advantage stemming from unique understanding of certain communities, new ways of connecting with audiences, new forms of storytelling, and mastery of new forms of expression. 


The worlds of entertainment and style are often closely intertwined. Whether on the red carpet, in music videos, or in the pages of a magazine, style is often front and center. And influential figures in the world of entertainment have helped shape today’s popular culture. 

Fashion companies have also largely embraced the paradigm shift that is upon us with all the implications of Web 3 technology. High-end brands like Gucci have been investing heavily in the new metaverse economy. 

This insightful masterclass will explore these topics and more! Join us for an engaging discussion about how style and entertainment interact, as well as what role fashion is playing in this rapidly changing landscape.  

Day 4

Thu 15th dec

Simulating the Future with the Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are just two functions of Web3, which is the current iteration of the interconnected web. Web 1 empowered users to receive information, Web 2 allowed users to send/receive information, while Web 3 allows users to send/receive information and value. NFTs can be used as receipts to establish & transfer ownership of a physical or digital asset and/or access to membership or service.

This masterclass will give an overview of Web 3 and NFTs, with a focus on how these new technologies affect how we connect with brands, trade assets, and engage with others.

Entrepreneurship, The New Disruptor

Entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change and innovation. The power of entrepreneurs has had a huge impact on many industries.

Entrepreneurship and entertainment go hand in hand. The Artist and the Entertainer have always inherently been a business themselves. They are the input that churns out a value that has historically been managed, and even owned, by separate entities. We are moving towards economies that will prioritize project-based work, which will create more entrepreneurs that manage themselves and their businesses without a middleman.

In this masterclass, we’ll look at how to start a business in the entertainment industry.

Simulating the Future with the Metaverse

The Metaverse, is an immersive virtual environment, with a digital economy. It is the phygital representation of the future of the internet, a transition from Web 2 to Web 3, where users can exchange value peer to peer, without an intermediary.

This masterclass will introduce new possibilities for the metaverse and raise questions about how simulations could transform society.


This masterclass explores the alternatives to the traditional and challenging route of funding for entertainment projects, which often starts with family and friends, moves to angels, and then to Venture Capital funding.

Web 3 technology, De-fi in particular, which stands for Decentralized Finance, can give founders access to liquidity from a decentralized community of investors who believe in the project. This reduces a founder’s dependency on funding from traditional sources such as Angel investors and Venture Capitalists alike. Early liquidity providers are rewarded as the given project becomes more successful, so fans get the opportunity to share in an artist’s success.